Volume Discounts

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Volume Discounts App for Clover POS

Increase order size, reward your customers, and speed up the checkout process by automating volume discounts on Clover POS. Just define your volume discount rules, and the Volume Discounts app will automatically adjust prices in the Register app.

EXAMPLE: A bakery sells cupcakes for $3.00 each. To encourage larger orders, the bakery discounts the price to $2.75 per cupcake if the customer buys 6 or more, and to $2.50 if the customer buys 12 or more.


Clover POS does not natively support this scenario, and neither do any of the available add-on apps. The Volume Discounts app makes it very easy to support this scenario and many others.

Here are the key benefits of this app:

  • Automate multi-tier volume discount pricing to encourage larger order sizes

  • Define volume discount rules for an item, a category, and/or all items with the same label

  • Offer a percentage discount or a specific discount amount per item

  • Easily set up, modify and pause volume discount rules

  • Show a customized discount message on your customer’s receipt

  • Available for all devices/locations for one Clover Merchant ID

Note: Discount rules do not automatically sync across devices at this time.

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