Small businesses are collecting more performance data than ever, yet are struggling to find and take action on key insights from this data.

Big Data and AI are part of the solution, but are usually implemented by technologists that don't understand retail. Machine learning, for example, is only as effective at discovering key insights as the person that builds the learning model.

At DeepSeed AI, the focus is on combining retail expertise with advanced technology to find key insights that can improve performance both in-store and online. We take this one step further by integrating predictive signals, such as weather forecasts, with historical data to get you even further ahead of the competition.

This combination of expertise, technology, automation and predictive signals is what makes DeepSeed AI unique in the retail industry. And because we know small businesses well, we provide solutions that are affordable and accessible.

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Steven Roth


Steven is a consultant, data scientist, product strategist and public speaker with 20+ years of experience with top-tier retailers and brands. He is also the owner of a small business, so he understands the daily challenges every small business owner faces.

He founded DeepSeed AI to deliver on the unfulfilled promise of Big Data for small businesses. His experience consulting with small businesses, analyzing performance data, and building scalable technologies is the basis of this company and the key to its early success.

Prior to DeepSeed AI, Steven was a senior product strategist at Google responsible for  managing over $1B in annual ad spend across multiple channels.  In addition, he provided training on optimizing retail performance to audiences in 11 countries. Prior to Google, he built performance analytics, profitability optimization tools, financial modeling tools and other solutions that focused on data, technology and retail performance.