Data Driven.

Bringing "big data" and AI
to small businesses.

Small businesses have largely failed to see the benefits of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They simply don't have the resources of their bigger competitors.

We're solving this problem.

Making smart, data-driven decisions no longer requires a team of engineers and data analysts. And relying on "gut feel" to make decisions – as many small businesses often do – misses key insights the data can offer.

DeepSeed AI provides solutions that bring your data to life. We change complex into simple and actionable. We provide context. We look forward instead of just analyzing the past. We help small businesses succeed.

  • Make data simple, accessible, insightful and actionable for every small business owner

  • Tilt the competitive landscape for a small businesses by making its data a competitive advantage

  • Use the most advanced technology but provide solutions that fit a small business's budget


New Version Available!

A virtual assistant for your small business. This mobile app changes the way small businesses use performance data to help their businesses survive and thrive in very challenging times.

DeepSeed AI

Founded by a former senior product strategist at Google with 20+ years of retail experience working with leading retailers worldwide including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Zalando, Otto Group, Flipkart, Home Depot and many others.

Passionate about helping small businesses succeed -- both in-store and online -- through the combination of advanced analytics, machine learning, and retail expertise.